Publicado el número 19 bis (extraordinario), de noviembre de 2023, de la revista Actualidad Jurídica Iberoamericana.


Ha sido publicado el número 19 bis (extraordinario), de noviembre de 2023, de la revista Actualidad Jurídica Iberoamericana.

El número, escrito en inglés, está dedicado a “Gendering Law: challenges and perspectives”.

El sumario es el siguiente:

01/“Theoretical-methodological premises of the feminist perspective”. Dragica Vujadinovic (Serbia).

02/“Gender-based stereotypes and the judiciary. Italy before the ECHR”. Camilla Crea (Italy).

03/“Civil remedies for victims of domestic violence: the innovations introduced by the Law n. 206/2021”. Filippo Romeo (Italy).

04/“The surname of the child after the decision of the Italian Constitutional Court”. Enrico Al Mureden (Italy).

05/“Women legal status and Private International Law”. Cristina Campiglio (Italy).

06/“Gendering Family Law”. Gabriele Carapezza Figlia (Italy).

07/“Migration flows and the protection of women’s rights”. Francesca Mussi (Italy).

08/“Toward greater gender-sensitivity in Migration Law: positive developments regarding female refugees and displaced persons”. Thomas Giegerich (Germany).

09/“Abortion in the U.S. after Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. A comparative perspective”. Rosalba Potenzano & Guido Smorto (Italy).

10/“From the violence of the aggressor State to the violence of the hosting State?

Ukrainian raped women, Polish law on abortion and the EU protection of third-country women’s and girls’ sexual and reproductive rights”. Marco Evola (Italy).

11/“International and European Taxation Policies and Gender Discrimination”. Roberta Alfano (Italy).

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